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Whisky Review – Tomatin 12

On my way to a client visit, I had the great misfortune of arriving far too early. In order to pass the time, I was forced to peruse the shelves of the wine & spirits store that was in the lower level of the business park. It seems that every time I visit this client I have to spend a few minutes in the store and the bargains never fail to impress. This visit was no different for in the back of the store amidst the more popular brands was a bottle of Tomatin 12. Tomatin is a Highland whisky with a long history of distilling in the Monadhliath hills near Inverness under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Douglas Campbell.

The Tomatin 12 is finished in a sherry cask so it has a deep amber color and a sweet nose. But, you also pick up hints of pear, vanilla and a faint aroma of peat. The taste is sweet with a smooth finish that is a little spicy and a little like spearmint. Water opens up the butterscotch and peat notes and reduces the spice/mint and heightens to a slightly more smoky finish. This was a good whisky and a nice addition to my cabinet.

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  1. After a faithful year of service, the Tomatin is no more. While not in a class with Highland Park or the Macallan, this was a very nice whisky.


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