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Turkey Day Beer Review #2 – Founders Breakfast Stout

Round 2 of our mini Thanksgiving Day beer tasting would be a Founders Breakfast Stout. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this lurking in the back of my In-Law’s fridge, since it’s the polar opposite of what they usually have in stock (think Yuengling Lager and Heinekin). My Father-In-Law already tried it and wanted to see what I thought. Here goes…

  • Appearance: The Beverly Hillbillies came to mind while I poured this one (Texas Tea!). Talk about a beer with a high viscosity! Looks like a cross between crude oil and blackstrap molasses. This one has zero head.
  • Aroma: Dark chocolate. French roast coffee.
  • Taste: Heavy on the bittersweet chocolate and dark coffee. This one coats your mouth with flavor. To call it chewy would be an understatement.

Though this beer is very rich and flavorful, having it after the Brooklyn Local 1 was a mistake, since they weren’t playing nicely together in my belly. We should have saved it for dessert. It would have gone really well with the superb pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake that Mrs. G-LO made.  Just because our timing was less than optimal to drink this beer, doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it. I give it a B+. I definitely need to try it again, but next time I’ll have it with dessert.

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