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Beer Review – Foster’s Lager

While in Wildwood for an end of summer vacation with the in-laws, we headed over to Westy’s Irish Pub for a quick dinner out. As my father-in-law was looking to throw back a beer and I am not one to let someone drink alone, I asked our server what was on-tap. Rather than go for a Miller Lite or even a Harp, I selected a beer from my youth. Foster’s Lager was always a favorite and I don’t know if it was for the appeal of an import, the blue, white and gold depth charge can or Paul Hogan but I remember enjoying Foster’s Lager on many a night.

A quick check of the Beer Advocate would suggest that the average score of C-. While my palate may have changed as I have gotten older, I find this score a bit harsh. The lager is a clear amber color with moderate carbonation and a malty aroma. At 4.9% ABV, the lager is easy to drink and on a hot day at the shore rather refreshing. So, while Foster’s might not be the beer that I remember from my youth, I would score it a B-.

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  1. I used to drink quite a bit of Foster’s back in the 80s and had one on tap a few weeks ago. I don’t see why people are so harsh on this particular brand. A decent session lager or one to have on a hot day. In fact, I may pick up a six tonight just for old times sake.


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