Brew Review

Beer Review – Smuttynose Robust Porter

Since fall is right around the corner, and since today’s temperature hasn’t gone above 75 (first time in over 2 months!), I thought I would change things up and review a dark beer. I usually like Smuttynose beers, so I’m going with their Robust Porter for today’s brew review. Repeat after me, “I’m gonna grab me a Smutty!”. Isn’t that fun to say? And now for the review…

The color reminds me of dark chocolate or espresso, and that is exactly what I smell when I give it a sniff. There isn’t much of a head on this beer, and what little there is dissolves rapidly and leaves little to no lacing. The beer is not heavily carbonated and you can definitely taste the dark chocolate and espresso flavors that are present in the nose. There is quite a long finish, and as the Robust Porter comes to room temperature, the flavors become richer and more intense. This is a very enjoyable beer. I give it a B+.

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