Brasserie Dupont

Beer Review – Saison Dupont

The first time I heard about this beer was just before Philly Beer Week. The Philadelphia Weekly, a free newspaper that is available every Wednesday throughout the Metro Philly area, had a Philly Beer Week insert that outlined the events for the week, and also featured interviews with several local craft brewers (Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, Bill Covaleski of Victory, etc.).  When they were asked, “What is your favorite beer that you don’t brew?”, several of them mentioned that they like Saison/Farmhouse Ales, and the name Saison Dupont came up at least twice. Since I had never heard of this beer, it naturally stirred my curiosity. Let’s see what this beer is all about…

If someone ever decided to start a “Got Saison?” campaign, this might be the beer that they’d choose, since it will definitely leave a beer mustache (though a well poured Guinness will surely put up a good fight). The head on this beer is as thick and creamy as a well crafted Italian capuccino, and unlike the past few beers that I’ve reviewed, it doesn’t dissipate rapidly. It lingers for quite awhile, and when it eventually subsides, the remnants cling to the sides of the glass. Saison Dupont has a very cloudy yellow/orange color, and strong citrus & floral aromas (it reminds me of a really good champagne). This beer is well carbonated and it has a very pleasing citrus flavor (you can also taste the yeast to a degree). It’s very crisp and refreshing! I would pick up another bottle in a heartbeat. I give this beer a well deserved A.

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  1. Hi

    I’m surprised you hadn’t run into this beer before, for years ir was the only saison i’d run into, it really is nice.

    I always find saison an interesting style, as unlike many it doesn’t seem to lend itself to the current trend of adding stuff to or leaving in cask to age for a while, its like minimalist art, adding to it just seems to defeat the point.

    BTW I note that the bottle your side of the pond looks a lot more interesting than ours 🙂


  2. Yo A&A!

    I’m sure the Saison Dupont was always out there, I just didn’t know about it until recently (been spending most of my time on the Whisky side of the bar). Craft beer is a relatively new thing for me. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as seasonal beer until 3 years ago. The Saison/Farmhouse Ale variety are my latest discovery (discovery is stretching it a bit since thy were always there). They may be my favorite style so far. I’ll use an early Hip-Hop term to describe them… they’re funky fresh!

    The label design on your side of the pond is rather minimalist for sure.



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