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Beer Review – Lindeman’s Lambictacular

A new distributor opened in the neighborhood and allows for the purchase of split six packs. As I perused the aisles, I was drawn to other offerings from Merchant du Vin. Always a fan of their Samuel Smith’s, I thought I would give the Lindemans Lambics a try. Merchant du Vin introduced Lindemans lambics to the United States in 1979, making them the first lambics marketed in U. S. history. To this day, they are the best selling brand in the category.

As a part of the split six, I selected the Kriek (sour cherry), the Pomme (green apple), the Framboise (raspberry) and the Peche (peach). Capped and corked, all four had a sparkling quality with a well carbonated pour and a quickly dissipating foam. The tastes yielded a wide variety of fruit flavors and with an ABV of 4% were very mild. Of the four, the Peche had the most consistent flavor and was the best received by the Mrs. I would suggest that the Framboise would be the next best with the Pomme finishing something like a Martinelli’s Cider and the Kriek like a Canada Dry Black Cherry Wishniak. I would rate them as follows:
Peche B
Framboise B-
Pomme C-
Kriek D

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  1. Two things…

    #1 – The Peche was quite tasty. Would make a lovely after dinner drink.

    #2 – Canada Dry makes a Black Cherry Wishniak??? I thought that was exclusively a Frank’s beverage. “Is it Frank’s? Thanks!” I now feel even more ancient.



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