Ginger or Mary Anne

You Say Tomato, We Say Hibiki!

The honorable G-LO-san and I recently experienced the serenity and harmony that is a well known Japanese whisky. Once the musing started, we found ourselves immersed in tranquility as we became one with nature and its beauty in a glass of the “water of life”. Then the kids […]

Eviltwin Brewing Hipster Ale

Beer Review – Evil Twin Hipster Ale

What is a Hipster? tells us that this word, which they consider to be slang, is a noun with three possible definitions: A usually young person who is trendy, stylish, or progressive in an unconventional way; someone who is hip. A person, especially during the 1950s and […]

Pour-A-Palooza 2015 #002

Pour-A-Palooza 2015!

PALOOZA! Slap that word on the end of just about any other word and you instantly think FUN! BaconPalooza? FUN! WhiskyPalooza? OH HELL YES! That would be SUPER FUN! Milk Of MagnesiaPalooza? Umm. No. No fun at all! Of course, there’s always Lollapalooza, which is a super famous […]

Stone Delicious IPA

Beer Review – Stone Delicious IPA

Yes. The Gargoyle is there. On the label. On the neck. And even on the cap. But this time around, there’s no Arrogance or Self Righteousness to be found. Deliciousness is what this IPA is all about. It says so on the label. Lemondrop and El Dorado Hops? […]

Seven Stills Whipnose

Two From Seven Stills of San Francisco

About four weeks ago, the G-LO Clan attended a college graduation party for the daughter of our good friend Rob. About ten minutes after our arrival, Rob says to me, “Let’s take a walk. I have some whiskey that I’d like you to try.” I of course obliged Rob’s […]

The Jack Taylor Boozy Shake

Boozy Shake – The Jack Taylor

If you read our “hard boiled” review of Single Cask Nation’s “Undisclosed” Islay Single Malt, then you already know that I have a thing for Crime Fiction. Whether it be the heartfelt “DC Noir” of George Pelecanos, the rapid fire writing and revisionist history infused insanity of James […]


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