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Duck Soup + Compass Box Glasgow Blend Marrying Cask

______________________________ Subscribe to the show: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Audible, or Google. Please rate and review the show on your favorite Podcast platform, and if you have any questions or comments, message us here, or send us an email at boozedancing@gmail.com. ______________________________ “In “Duck Soup” there are no sequences I can skip; the movie is […]

Two New Compass Box Whiskies Reviewed

During many a late night drinking session, the topic of Life 2.0 has often been discussed. What is Life 2.0? The short answer: walking away from our current jobs to do something fun and exciting, i.e. a jumping-off point for the second half of our working lives. Limpd […]

Whisky Review – Compass Box Hedonism

If you happened to read last week’s post about the Hibiki event that we recently attended in NYC, you will recall that during the formal whisky tasting portion of the evening, we were given the opportunity to sample some Chita Grain Whisky. That stuff was super tasty and […]

Whisky Review – Compass Box Spice Tree

Quick recap… In mid January, I purchased a Compass Box sampler set that contained five of their core expressions. I have so far reviewed the Asyla (loved it!), the Oak Cross (the jury is still out), and The Peat Monster (fan-freakin-tastic!). This time around, I will be reviewing […]