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Food Review – French Macarons by Sugar Philly

And now for something completely different… Perhaps it’s my Sicilian heritage, but whenever someone says, “I have a surprise for you”, two thoughts immediately cross my mind: (1) “Uh oh! What did I do now?, and (2) “What’s this gonna cost me?”. Thankfully, when Mrs. G-LO uttered this […]

Beer Review – Brooklyn Summer Ale

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been getting a taste of the intense summer heat that our friends in the Midwest have been dealing with all summer long. Since last Friday’s forecast called for temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, Mrs. G-LO and I thought we were going to […]

Whisky Review – Laphroiag 18

Whenever the family asks me what I want for either (a) Christmas, (b) my birthday, or (c) Father’s Day, there is a very good chance that I will say whisk(e)y. Although I occasionally get some moaning and groaning (“Whisky? Again?” is what they usually say), they eventually realize […]