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Beer Review – Boaks Monster Mash

Briefly abandoning my love of the mixed six, I went out and picked up a couple of six packs (a number of sharing opportunities were on the horizon) from Kress Liquors. One of those six packs was the Boaks Monster Mash. I was intrigued for two reasons. First, I […]

Beer Review – Ichtegem’s Grand Cru

To further my education on sours, I have followed G-Lo’s lead and picked up the Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale, the Cuvée des Jacobins Flemish Sour Ale, the Duchesse De Bourgogne Flemish Red Ale and the Rodenbach Original. Some of this education has been met with great success (The Duchesse and […]

Beer Review – Innis & Gunn Rum Cask

Recently, after meeting G-LO for lunch, I stopped in The Foodery and put together a mixed six. One of the bottles was Innis & Gunn’s Rum Cask. I selected the bottle as a result of the beautiful amber color that beckoned through the clear glass. It didn’t hurt that I […]