Category: Booze Review

Whisky Review – Tomatin 12

On my way to a client visit, I had the great misfortune of arriving far too early. In order to pass the time, I was forced to peruse the shelves of the wine & spirits store that was in the lower level of the business park. It seems […]

Whisky Review – Tamdhu 10

During a visit to a local liquor mart, I came across a bottle of 10-year-old whisky for $30. While the price caught my eye, I noticed that the Tamdhu was a whisky that I had not tasted. So, not one to pass up a bargain especially for a […]

Whisky Review – Highland Park 18

About two weeks ago, I decided that I would treat myself, and pick up a new bottle of Single Malt Scotch. Since I’ve been spending alot of time in Islay, I thought I would branch out and try something from Northern Scotland. After contemplating the whisky selections at […]

Whisky Review – Pebble Beach 12

Most spouses would be alarmed by drinking, smoking or an unusual propensity for meat but not my wife. For Christmas this year, my lovely wife and children presented me with the greatest gift trifecta … single malt whisky, cigars and a can of haggis. The cigars are not […]

Whisky Review – Dalwhinnie 15

After dinner at the in-laws, I had a hankering for a night-cap and thought that I would try to clear out some of the inventory in the hopes that Santa might bring me a shiny new bottle if I had created room. I chose a bottle of Dalwhinnie […]