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It’s been said that the best part of the NBA season is the off-season. As soon as that last dumpster of LA Clipper Championship tees burns down to ashes at the downtown parade and the 13th guy on the roster finishes embarrassing himself by twerking and rapping on a double decker bus slow rolling towards the throngs of fans skipping work and school, the REAL NBA season starts, and the fun begins…

This is the NBA offseason in all of its drama filled glory. Questions leading to speculation, rumor, innuendo, scuttlebutt, fake trades, fist fights between Woj, Shams, and Steven A. leading to sports talk radio yelling, nasty online forums, and nerdy MIT analytical YouTube videos proving once and for all that Zach LeVine is by far the greatest Chicago Bull of all time.

And One Show, One Drink is right here to add to the offseason madness with this All Star, 3&D, pick & pop, floater in the lane episode as we settle into the ultra comfy BoozeDancing luxury suite and watch Hustle, the latest from Adam Sandler. You’ll get all the hoops references once you tune in. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense like cap holds, protected draft choices, standard/non-taxpayer mid-level exception, and Bird rights.

And we’ll be hooping and drinking over the X‘s and O’s of whisky as we taste the collaborative Single Malt Scotch – WOLF Island – from The Water of Life Film and Single Cask Nation.

And unlike a real NBA game, you don’t have to just listen to the last two minutes. This is one episode you’ll be on the edge of your seat for from the opening tip.

One Show, One Drink, your unofficial NBA off-season podcast of record from the BoozeDancing Entertainment Network.


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