Booze & Vinyl 2, with Author, André Darlington


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Welcome to a VERY special episode of What We Watch, When We Drink. Instead of the usual Movie, TV, and Booze talk, we’re focusing on Cocktails and Music with our very special guest, author, André Darlington.

On Thursday, April 21st, his latest cocktail and music book, Booze & Vinyl 2, which he co-wrote with his sister Tenaya Darlington, will hit the brick and mortar and virtual bookstore shelves, and if all that weren’t enough, he’s also launching a coast to coast book tour at the W Hotel in Philadelphia on the very same day.

André spent the better part of two hours with us talking about the book, music, cocktails, and so much more. It was a really good time and the conversation went in all sorts of fun directions, so kick back, relax, sip on a tasty beverage, and enjoy our boozie chat with André Darlington.


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