Swingers + Glen Moray 13 YO Distillery Only


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In the annals of filmdom, few efforts have stood the test of time aside from Porky’s and Yentl. But we can easily add Swingers to that list! Released all the way back in 1996, the same year that the Unabomber was finally arrested and Mad Cow Disease forced millions of cows to wears masks and to socially distance while grazing, Swingers was an experiment in film making in many ways…

How can a movie be made with almost no money?!
How can I get my (Jon Favreau’s) career out of the gate?
How can I (again, Jon Favreau) write a screenplay in 10 days?
How can the city of Los Angeles be made a character in a movie?
How does the coolest soundtrack maybe ever for a film happen?
And how does a movie with so much heart and humor that hits all of the right notes endure for so long, all without an Instagram or Twitter account?

We, the Boozedancing Team, dissect all of these questions, Baby! And more!

Join us for a new episode of One Show, One Drink from the What We Watch When We Drink podcast as we scrounge up a little scratch, polish up the wingtips, order up a round of Glen Moray, and dive into Swingers. It launched the careers of Favreau and Vince Vaughn, among others, and if that doesn’t happen, there’s no Elf, Iron Man, Wedding Crashers, or Fred Claus. Think about that for a second while you’re picking out a skinny tie for the evening.

Listen up, Baby! You’re the real winner tonight. And you’re soooooo money!

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