Deadwood S1E12 + Milk & Honey Distillery Dead Sea Cask


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Over yonder, beyond the Broken Book Mine, lies a forest brimming with pines that rise so high into the heavens any man would surely say, “God did right by this piece of land”, for who else could breathe such holiness down to our piece of the Dakotas and then stretch such magnificence straight up as far as the eye can humanly see?

And if any man or woman chooses by their own volition to listen to the Almighty’s wind sweep through this wondrous vernal landscape, then so be it. But it would not be in error by any means or looked down upon by their creator if they dutifully chose to be enraptured by this episode of the One Show, One Drink podcast instead.

One’s choosing to be entertained by the Boozedancing Boys who come into this town only for frolic and not for mayhem, and with a bottle of punchy whisky from the Milk & Honey Distillery in God’s holy place of Israel, not some watered down swill from Ohio or the Missouri territory that would seize the innards of a raging bull buffalo pounding across the brown plains, can only be thought of as the equivalent of manifest destiny in podcast listening.

Deadwood. The name breathes fire into all souls seeking their piece of this country…

No matter whence they came.
No matter the vocation they have.
No matter the color of the mud on their boots.

Deadwood welcomes all truthfully if one can ever be truthful under the burning sun of a Dakota summer or in the frozen death of December air in the high country. No matter. The Boozedancing Boys offer welcome to you as they reckon back on the color television series Deadwood while pouring themselves – as they’ve been known to do – a whisky. For a whisky settles the spirit, and a podcast makes the mind smile.

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