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Beer Review – A Trio of Post-Workout Friendly Brews from Sufferfest Beer Company

If you’re one of those people that likes to reward themselves after a hard workout with a delightfully refreshing beer, then today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table will be right up your alley…

Back in early December, we received an email from a PR firm about a brewery from Chico, California called Sufferfest Beer Company. This brewery’s motto is “Will Sweat For Beer” and their specialty is brews “made with specific ingredients for post-workout/ride/hike, etc and are gluten-removed. Ingredients like bee pollen, salt, black currant, for example, all have their purposes — from rehydration and electrolyte replenishment to muscle recovery”. Given all that, we think “First we Suffer, then we Fest” would have been a more fitting motto. But what do we know?


We received three different Sufferfest brews in the mail. Here’s some more information about each of them:

Repeat Kölsch – It’s all about balance. Weighing in at 95 cals & 5 carbs per can, the Repeat Kölsch drinks like a champ. We’ve added bee pollen so you can enjoy floral and honey aromas while you keep it light.

FKT Pale Ale – Our FKT (Fastest Known Time) gives you the flavor and richness you deserve, with an edge. Brewed with salt and black currant, these outstanding ingredients kick up the flavor.

Head Start Stout – Stout made with Equator Coffee and Coconut Water Added. Ready, set, stout! Rich in flavor but light in calories, our Head Start Stout is surprisingly versatile.

As is usually the case when someone approaches us about sensible adult beverages (i.e. lower in ABV and lower in calories), we tend to approach them with a heaping portion of skepticism. Were we correct in lowering our expectations, or were we pleasantly surprised by Sufferfest? To find out, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Devon Malizia Public Relations for sending us these very generous samples!

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