Booze Banter

Coming Soon: Iron Hill Center City

Limpd and I had two options yesterday afternoon:

  • Option #1: Stay at work and toil away at our mostly thankless jobs until 5pm. Or later!
  • Option #2: Leave a little early to attend a behind-the-scenes preview tour of a new brew pub in Center City Philadelphia.

As evidenced by the photos at the bottom of this blog post, Limpd and I chose the path that would lead us to snacks, beverages, a bit of conversation, and the skinny on Iron Hill Brewery‘s latest venture, the mid-September 2018 opening of their 15th location  at 1150 Market Street. This gathering of “esteemed members of the media” such as ourselves was very laid back, allowing plenty of time to explore the still-under-construction space while chatting a bit with the Iron Hill Brewery team (the official invite to this event, which landed on the Boozedancing Central front porch along with two cans of Iron Hill’s Crusher Session IPA, was called a “hardhat preview”. Little did we know that they were serious about the whole hardhat bit as there’s still quite a bit of work to be done before the grand opening!).

As is the case with their 14 other locations, Iron Hill Center City will offer food and beer options from their core menu along with special dishes and beers developed by Center City’s Chef and Brew Master. This menu philosophy allows Iron Hill to have consistent offerings at all of their locations while extending some creative license to the people working in the trenches (because who doesn’t like a bit of local flavor on a menu?). We’ve been to their New Jersey locations on numerous occasions over the years and have always enjoyed our visits, so we’re really looking forward to having an Iron Hill location near our respective offices because we could all use a mid-afternoon refreshment to help get us through the day every now and again!


Many thanks to Food Shelter Public Relations for inviting us to this event!

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