Brew Review

Beer Review – Omnipollo + Evil Twin Brewing Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA

The beer in the photo up above is a “Collaboration Brew” by Omnipollo of Sweden and Evil Twin Brewing of Denmark. Omnipollo, a brewer that I had never heard of until buying this beer, was founded in 2011 and has 87 Craft Beer creations listed on their website. Evil Twin Brewing, a brewer that I am becoming very familiar with, was founded in 2010 and has 118 Craft Beer creations listed on their website.

While there was no information about this beer on the Evil Twin website, the lads from Omnipollo were kind enough to say the following about their Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA

For this rendition of an Old Fashioned Lemonade we teamed up with our brothers and sisters from Evil Twin Brewing (NYC). Fair and heavily hopped base beer beefed up with a touch of lactose and blended with refreshing lemon juice. Refresh, Re-imagine.

Here’s what I thought of it…

A slightly hazy pour with over an inch of fluffy off-white foam that seemed to linger forever.

Lightly sweet and lemony on the nose with a smattering of piney hoppiness.

Supremely easy drinking.
Lightly lemony and refreshing.
A bit of pucker.
Very little bitterness.

You might think that this would be some sort of watered down Shandy based upon its name and taste, but one look at the label and you’ll soon find out that this is a 7% ABV beer.
I should have taken it slowly with this beer, but this was so easy to drink that I sucked it down way too quickly.

Let’s just say that by teaming up with Evil Twin, Omnipollo and their collaborator definitely put some Evil into this delightfully refreshing (and intoxicating!) brew!

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