Food Review

Food Review – Dot’s Cream Filled Donut

A view of Ocean City, NJ at dusk from the rooftops.

The following review was published way back in July of 2010. That was the last time that I had a Dot’s Cream Donut. While I’m no big fan of the Jersey Shore, I do have very fond memories of this sweet and delicious treat! Here’s what I wrote about it way back then:

I know this is slightly off topic, but if you’re ever in Ocean City, NJ, you must try a Dot’s Cream Filled Donut. It’s a sinfully delicious way to start the morning. The donut is covered in powdered sugar. When you bite into it, it’s crisp at first, but then it gets soft and oh so sweet. But not too sweet. While the filling in most cream filled donuts has a grainy texture, Dot’s manages to make the filling smooth and creamy. To call it perfect would be an understatement. Try it!

And here’s what it looks like:

I am happy to report that 7 years later, this deep fried confection is as good as I remember. And well worth the 30 minute wait. Especially when someone else is willing to wait in line for you!

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