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Big Things are Happening Over at Single Cask Nation…

Below is a press release from Joshua Hatton of the Jewish Whisky Company that recently made its way to our inbox regarding the BIG changes that are happening at Single Cask Nation…

single-cask-nation-retail-whisky-1Single Cask Nation Launches Retail-Only Line of Single Cask Whiskies To Complement Their Ongoing Online Membership Releases

GUILFORD, Connecticut – November 16, 2016 — Jewish Whisky Company has announced that it will release a series of Retail-Only Single Cask Nation bottlings for the California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York markets in January/February 2017.

While the company is expected to release three outturns of four single casks in 2017 their initial outturn will feature:

  • Girvan 10yo single grain, Bourbon Barrel, 57.7% ABV – Sugg Retail – $85/bottle
  • Glentauchers 8yo, Sherry Hogshead, 58.1% ABV – Sugg Retail – $95/bottle
  • Glenrothes 8yo, Sherry Hogshead, 56.3% ABV – Sugg Retail – $95/bottle
  • Ardmore 8yo, Bourbon Barrel, 56.9% ABV – Sugg Retail – $95/bottle

The retail line of Single Cask Nation whiskies focuses on young, vibrant whiskies between 7 and 14 years of age. Consumers can expect whiskies to be bottled at full cask strength without chill-filtering or added coloring and be from a host of different distilleries from around Scotland, America, and other whisky producing countries. Releases, however, may not be limited to this age range.single-cask-nation-retail-whisky-2

Retail-Only Single Cask Nation whiskies will complement the current online membership-only series of bottlings. Both consumers and Single Cask Nation members can expect the two separate lines to continue to grow in offerings. The two lines will remain separate. Casks bottled for retail will not be available for online purchase from Single Cask Nation. Similarly, Online-Only bottlings will not be available on retail shelves and all orders will continue to be fulfilled and shipped directly to Single Cask Nation members.

Beginning January 1, 2017, the company will remove all barriers to Single Cask Nation online membership. Membership fees will become a thing of the past. Instead, membership to Single Cask Nation will be as easy as creating an online account. Furthermore, for existing members, all membership renewal fees will disappear. All Single Cask Nation members will continue to enjoy $10 flat rate shipping for all Online-Only bottlings. The company is proud to have the lowest shipping rate for spirits in the country.

single-cask-nation-online-whiskyThe company expects to bottle 12-18 single casks per year for the Single Cask Nation Retail-Only line of whiskies. Similarly, 12-18 different single casks will be bottled for the Single Cask Nation Online-Only line which is available through membership. Single Cask Nation members will continue to have exclusive access to Whisky Jewbilee festival bottlings. The 12-18 Online-Only bottlings available to Single Cask Nation members include the Whisky Jewbilee festival bottlings.

With the launch of Single Cask Nation’s Retail-Only line of whiskies the company has designed bright, attractive, informative, and fun packaging for retail bottlings. Additionally, Single Cask Nation members will see an update to the Online-Only packaging. Both sets of packaging will include heavy duty 700um thick cartons.

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