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Laphroaig Live 2015!

Just thought we’d share some information about this very special Whisky event from one of our favorite distilleries…

Laphroaig Live 2015

On Thursday, September 24th, 8pm GMT, the 9th annual Laphroaig Live will broadcast on the web from the island of Islay!

Laphroaig is this year celebrating 200 years, and to mark this very special anniversary, we are returning to the home of Laphroaig, the island of Islay to showcase four phenomenal whiskies as well as going behind the scenes at the distillery with Laphroaig’s very own distillery manager, John Campbell! On this auspicious year, John will be joined by no less than five of the previous distillery managers! The  first time they have all been together.

This year we will be tasting 4 very special expressions. The one off’ Laphroaig 15 YO – The official 200th Expression, Laphroaig Cairdeas 2015 (distilled using only the original small stills), Laphroaig 21 YO – Created for the Friends of Laphroaigs 21st Birthday, and a unique Laphroaig 32 YO 100% sherry matured- A very rare, special expression.

Coming live from Laphroaig’s famous floor malting’s (one of only a handful left in the whisky industry), John Campbell and our five previous distillery managers will be joined by experts Bernhard Schafer – Whisky journalist and Master of the Quiach and Emma Andersson -Editor of Allt Om Whisky. Also joining John will be famous Scottish actor Sam Heughan – best known for his role in the series Outlander, Marcel van Gils – Author of the official 200th book about Laphroaig as well as many of our ‘Friends of Laphroaig’ from many countries around the World.

But our main audience, who will as always be posting in their questions to the panel live on the night – is our worldwide audience of Laphroaig lovers, including a live  link to Laphroaig US whisky ambassador Simon Brooking who will be joined by 75 friends of Laphroaig via a live link from the New York Whisky Festival.

To celebrate this special occasion, Laphroaig will be attempting to set a world record by encouraging the whole global audience to raise a toast to Laphroaig on their 200th anniversary!

You can watch the show live at on September 24th at 8pm GMT.  If you would like to submit a question for the panel you can send it in now at the following link: (FYI, John Campbell sends out Laphroaig nosing glasses for the best questions).

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