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Beer Review – Evil Twin Hipster Ale

Eviltwin Brewing Hipster Ale

What is a Hipster? tells us that this word, which they consider to be slang, is a noun with three possible definitions:

  1. A usually young person who is trendy, stylish, or progressive in an unconventional way; someone who is hip.
  2. A person, especially during the 1950s and 1960s, characterized by a particularly strong sense of alienation from most established social activities and relationships; a beatnik or hippie.
  3. A performer or admirer of jazz, especially swing; a hepcat.

The Urban Dictionary gives us a MUCH more detailed definition. Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. Hipsters value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.
  2. “Hipsterism” is often intertwined with distinct fashion sensibilities and are often seen wearing vintage and thrift store inspired fashions, tight-fitting jeans, old-school sneakers, and sometimes thick rimmed glasses.
  3. Many hipsters tend to have jobs in the music, art, and fashion industries. It is a myth that most hipsters are unemployed and live off of their parent’s trust funds.
  4. Although hipsters are technically conformists within their own subculture, in comparison to the much larger mainstream mass, they are pioneers and leaders of the latest cultural trends and ideals.
  5. Hipsterism is often dismissed as just an image thing by some, but the culture as a whole is effecting changes in society, leading to feelings of insecurity and resentment in people who are no longer a part of the cultural ruling class.
  6. Anti-hipster sentiment often comes from people who simply can’t keep up with social change and are envious of those who can.

Now that we have SOME clue about the phenomenon called Hipsters, here’s what Evil Twin Brewing Co has to say about their Hipster Ale:

Perhaps you heard of a worldwide beer-movement that tributes favorite hipster neighborhoods across the globe. If you feel excluded because you’re hip but your city is not, this cutting-edge, ‘hip without border’ pale ale is an homage to you – the global hipster. Cheers!

I have no clue what any of that has to do with this beer. Evil Twin’s description doesn’t mention barley or hop varietals, nor does it mention yeast strains. What they do mention is that this beer is an American Pale Ale, has an ABV of 5.5%, and that it’s brewed in Stratford, CT by Two Roads Brewing Company. It’s good to have facts and figures, but one question remains: Is this beer any good? The answer: Yes it is!

Pale orange color.
A fluffy, off white head of foam.
Honey, orange, and biscuity malt aromas.

A touch of bitterness at the start.
Some sweet malts in the middle.
A lightly astringent finish with a slight bitterness in the aftertaste. Think lemon or orange pith.

Overall, a crisp, clean, and easy drinking American Pale Ale that is well worth trying.
They can call it a Hipster Ale if they want.
I’ll just call it delicious.

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