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Brew News: Buy a Lady a Drink!

Buy a Lady a Drink 2The other day, I was minding my own business (as I so often do) and in deep concentration examining the burger menu for $2 Off Tuesdays at the Whitpain Tavern. The bartender asked if we knew what we wanted to drink. I ordered a Founders Black Rye while my colleague ordered “justa” Stella. I have found that since becoming a highly esteemed member of the media (or at least a legend in my own mind), my colleagues seem to almost apologize for their beer purchases. I am certainly not a beer snob. I like some more than others, but I am always willing to try a new one, and will generally drink what I’m offered. But I digress…

While he was ordering “justa” Stella, he asked if I had seen their Buy a Lady A Drink campaign. When I offered that I hadn’t, he pulled it up on YouTube. I was so impressed at this collaboration between Stella Artois and that I thought it blog worthy. Below is what I was able to find out.

A little about Stella Artois

Stella Artois traces its history in the city of Leuven, Belgium back to 1366. It was in Leuven that the original Den Hoorn brewery was founded. This brewery was purchased by brewmaster Sebastian Artois, a member of the Leuven Brewer’s Guild in 1717. In 1926, the brewery released a bottling with the Christmas Star (in Latin Stella) on its bottle. In 1987, the Artois brewery merged with Piedboeuf brewery (the two largest brewers in Belgium) to form Interbrew. In 2004, Interbrew merged with AmBev to form InBev. In 2009, InBev merged with Anheuser Busch to from Anheuser–Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer. So, from rather humble beginnings in 1366, Stella Artois, acknowledges its long history with its tip of the hat to Sebastian and the use of a star on every bottle. 

A little about

The water and sanitation problem in the developing world is far too big for charity alone. We are driving the water sector for new solutions, new financing models, greater transparency, and real partnerships to create lasting change. Our vision: Safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all, in our lifetime.

Co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, is a nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation. traces its roots back to the founding of WaterPartners International in 1990. In July 2009, WaterPartners merged with H2O Africa, resulting in the launch of works with local partners to deliver innovative solutions for long-term success. Its microfinance-based WaterCredit Initiative is pioneering sustainable giving in the sector.

A little about the Buy a Lady a Drink Campaign

Today, 750 million people around the world live without access to clean water. This crisis disproportionately affects women, who walk 200 million hours a day collecting water for their families.

Stella Artois has partnered with, and donated 1.2 million USD to help stop these journeys so these women can start new ones of their own.

Show your support with these specially designed chalices. Every chalice bought will provide a woman with five years of clean drinking water.

And last, but certainly not least, here’s the video that inspired this post and the purchase of a few Stella chalices…

So the next time you’re thinking about updating your bar’s glassware inventory, think about picking up a chalice or two. You get a quality drinking glass and get to show how civic minded you have become. You drink because you care!

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  1. This is fascinating! While I’m not a huge fan of Stella Artois (a marginally better Bud in a pretty label?), I do love the glass. And this sounds like an excellent charity! Thanks for passing this info along.

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    • I’ve seen a couple of campaigns but this partnership with Stella caught my eye. I know…I know; the pretty packaging. But, with all the charitable endeavors out there, they each need a little hook. My pretty, shiny glassware should be here within 5 days.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re pretty shiny glassware may have arrived and it may or may not be safe and sound in my basement. Just thought you should know.


    • I agree with you and G-LO as respects the beer. I find it a little shocking that in this century there are still 750 million people without easy access to clean water. I dislike the walk to the end of the driveway for the paper; I couldn’t imagine having to walk to find water.

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