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Repost: “Malt Whiskey. The Happiest Place on Earth!”

Artword courtesy of David Laidlaw. Click the pic to see more of his work...

Artword courtesy of David Laidlaw. Click the pic to see more of his work…

It’s that time of year again! Much like last year, while I would love to tell you that the Booze Dancing crew has embarked on a worldwide journey in search of the finest Craft Beer, Whisk(e)y, and Cocktails known to man, the truth is that the G-LO crew will be spending the week with The Mouse and his crew in Orlando while Limpd and Company will be exploring Southern California.

We may be embarking on family friendly vacations to The Happiest Place on Earth and the West Coast, but don’t let all that family travel stuff fool you. We are ALWAYS on the hunt for those magical libations that we just love to write about. Here’s hoping that a bit of Pixie Dust helps us discover some blogworthy beverages!

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    • You’re confusing Pixie Dust with Angel Dust. One makes you happy, the other makes you think you can fly which leads to people flying off roofs without proper safety equipment. And let’s not confuse any of this with The Angel’s Share.


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