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Beer Review Poetry – Fegley’s BrewWorks Devious Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Fegley's BrewWorks Devious Imperial Pumpkin

When it comes to Pumpkin Beers, they boggle my mind.

I really want to love them, but I rarely find the right kind.

When I saw Fegley’s Devious, my curiosity was piqued,

Cause their Insidious was delicious, and oh such a treat!

When I filled up my glass, the color was ruby red,

And the bubbles rose quickly to form a fluffy white head.

The foam didn’t last, and left very little lacing,

And when I took that first sniff, the aromas were bracing.

Strong nutmeg and clove are all that I smelled,

So I lifted the glass and said, “Oh what the hell!”.

It’s boozy at first, with a firm alcohol bite,

Then the spices kick in and are quite a delight.

When you get to the middle, those spices subside,

But as you approach the finish, they again start to rise.

While it’s good overall, I have trouble with the ending.

It leaves a weird aftertaste, so this beer needs some mending.

Take away that small quibble, and Fegley’s Devious was quite good.

Yet another fine Pumpkin Beer that can stay in my hood.

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