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Beer Review – The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Mecktoberfest

Old Mecktoberfest

The other day, I found myself on a layover in Charlotte, NC. I had about an hour to change terminals and grab dinner. Just outside my gate, I found the Carolina Beer Co. and grabbed a 22oz Mecktoberfest on tap. While not a big fan of the Märzen style, I thought since it was the season, and since I would probably not get a chance to try something from the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery anytime soon, why not? The OMB is the brainchild of John Marrino, a former advanced water treatment exec who noticed the absence of a brewer in Charlotte and sought to rectify the problem. Opened in 2009, OMB provides the Charlotte area with fresh, German-style beer. The Mecktoberfest is one of a line-up of seven mostly seasonal beers in the style of Altbiers, Bocks and Maibocks.

What they say…

A classic Maerzen style amber lager.  The original Oktoberfest Bier and quintessential Ueberseasonal.  Rich and malty up front, which transitions to a smooth, satisfying finish courtesy of the noble Bavarian hops and a flavor profile produced by an outstanding  yeast strain from the oldest brewery in the world.  If there were a season for beer, fall would be it.  And for beer season, nothing beats Mecktoberfest!.

I found the Mecktoberfest to have the following characteristics…

  • Appearance: Nice golden-orange color with a quickly reducing foam and lots of legs.
  • Aroma: Mostly dough and malt with a little hops and citrus
  • Taste: Not overly carbonated but still fizzy with a fair amount of sweetness on the tongue followed by some citrus zest and a little tang ending with a mild bitterness.
  • ABV: 5.4%

The Mecktoberfest was very easy drinking … had I a longer layover, this might have been a dangerous stop with another 22oz glass or two (or three) on the horizon. I’m still not a fan of the Märzen style, but the quality of this attempt really came through in the finished product. Now, I wish I found myself with a little time in Charlotte to try the OMB’s Bauern Bock (the Thanksgiving release) or the Yule Bock (at Christmas).

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    • If I was going to have a beer, I might as well toss out a review. Plus, I have submitted receipts to the Boozedancing bursar seeking reimbursement for my research.


      • 7 to 10 working days. That’s SOP around year. Hope you’re ok with reimbursement in liquid form. We’re all outta cash, but we got plenty to drink! One more thing, we don’t reimburse for sales tax thanks to our never gonna make a profit status.


  1. Is this blogging nonsense a great job or what? I find any activity that can be done in an airport bar to be truly a gift from the Powers-That-Be. Plus, nothing says heaven more than, “for two dollars more, would you like to make it a double?”


    • Well said AK! The beauty of this gig is that there’s always something interesting to try at every turn. Amtrak Bar Car? Indeed! Bar cart on a plane? You betcha! Sampling whisky aboard a cruise ship? YES! How about a beer between rides at EPCOT? OH HELL YES!


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