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“It’s just the booze dancing…” Gear Available on the Pastrami Basket Shoppery!

Booze Dancing Merchandise

Click the pic to visit the Pastrami Basket Shoppery!

For the fourth anniversary of this here blog, we reached out to Jon of the Pastrami Basket blog and asked if he could do a bit of artwork for us. What he came up with is a literal interpretation of “It’s just the booze dancing…”. Personally, I love it!

Last Friday, Jon announced that some of his artwork would be available for purchase on Cafe Press in the form of pins, t-shirts, mugs, tile coasters, and a few other items. In addition to classics like Squidcago and Mogwai Dontcha, Jon’s merchandise offerings will also feature his “It’s just the booze dancing…” art work. We definitely see Squidcago coffee mugs and “It’s just the booze dancing…” pint glasses in our future!

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