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Booze News Flash: Ardbeg and Orange County Choppers Collaborate On ‘The Peat Hopper’

Ardbeg Chopper Ardbeg is thrilled to announce its recent collaboration with world-renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer, Orange County Choppers, to create the ultimate Peat Hopper – a rugged, go-anywhere vehicle used for both farming and recreational purposes. A true symbol of the Ardbeggian attitude!

Founder of OCC,  Paul Teutul, Sr and the Orange County Choppers crew created two custom-made Ardbeg Peat Hoppers, which will travel the country on a sampling tour! The unveiling of the bespoke Ardbeg Peat Hopper for the very first time will air during the upcoming episode of Orange Country Choppers on Saturday, December 7th at 9pm / 8pm central on the CMT channel.

Here’s a sneak preview of the episode:

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  1. I’m glad somebody finally moved the needle further along in the vehicle/foddstuffs/consumables pairing market. It’s been far too long sine Oscar Mayer introduced the Wiener Mobile harvest the cocktail wiener pastures during the day and cruise Hollywood Boulevard at night.

    I raise a dram and toss a ham to the Castle Ard!



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