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Beer Review – Guinness Ltd. Kilkenny Irish Red

15 Kilkenny Red. The Quays Temple Bar

For Jersey Week, the family went to Ireland and I found myself at the Quay’s in the Temple Bar area. While the children had a soda, I was looking for a more fortifying beverage. I had had my fill of stouts and was looking for something different and selected a Kilkenny Irish Red. Kilkenny Irish Red is brewed at the Smithwick’s Brewery, which is a part of Guinness Ltd. and ultimately falls under the reach of the Diageo empire.

Here is what Guinness has to say about the Kilkenny Irish Red:

Kilkenny is an exceptional red ale of super premium category beer brewed by Guinness breweries. It is mildly bitter and is known as the “young brother” of Guinness, due to the ancient recipe. Its full bodied flavour and clean refreshing taste combine with the nitrogenated creaminess to produce for you an indulgent experience. What sets Kilkenny apart from other beers is that its nitrogenated, whereas other beers are commonly carbonated. This nitrogenation ensures Kilkenny Beer’s distinctive features – the velvety smooth, creamy head and the rich ruby red colour. These features come about while being brewed from 100% Irish malt which are mildly baked in the brewing process.

I found this beer to be…

  • Appearance: Ruby red with a thick, slowly dissipating foam and good lacing.
  • Aroma: Sweet malt, a little floral with some muted hops.
  • Taste: Lightly carbonated with a mild yet refreshing flavor and a slightly hoppy finish.
  • ABV: 4.3%

This might not be the greatest style or even the best red that I had in Ireland (O’Hara’s Irish Red was better) but this was exactly what I was looking for; a very drinkable and refreshing beer.

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