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Beer Review – 16 Mile Amber Sun Ale

On a recent trip to Roger Wilco (the old Wine Warehouse in Voorhees), I picked up a mixed six with a number of beers from local brewers. The first of those beers was the Inlet India Pale Ale from 16 Mile. The second was the Amber Sun Ale. I selected both as a result of my prior experience with the Old Court Ale. I thought the Old Court was a good beer and when I saw the opportunity to pick up two more of 16Mile’s offerings, I jumped at the chance.  16 Mile is a brewer in Georgetown, DE that takes its name from an old nickname for the area. Georgetown was thought to be so centrally located that it was said to be “16 miles from anywhere” in the state. The brewery has been around for about 3 years and currently has six beers in its lineup.

Here is what 16 Mile has to say about the Amber Sun Ale:

Roasty finishing malts, balanced with just enough bitterness provides a traditional amber ale that is dark red to the eye, but not heavy on the palate. 16 Mile names this premium amber ale for the famous sunsets found at the Breakwater Lighthouse located off of Lewes Beach, Delaware.

I found this beer to be…

  • Appearance: A cloudy, deep amber with some tan foam and average lacing.
  • Aroma: Some malt and hops and a sweetness like berries or cherries.
  • Taste: Sweet with a little funk, not all that well-balanced with a somewhat odd, not quite hoppy finish.
  • ABV: 6.1%

Unlike my experiences with the Old Court Ale and the Inlet IPA, I found this to be a little off. The flavors just didn’t come together and I found it to be a little too sweet.

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    • I really want to give the local craft brewers the benefit of the doubt but sometimes, an average beer is just an average beer. I had their Harvest Ale and found it to be a very good brown ale.


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