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Booze and Brew News For Wednesday December 5, 2012

Crown Royal Introduces Maple Finished Whisky

Iconic Canadian Flavor Inspires New Variant, Combining the Legendary Taste of Crown Royal with a Touch of Natural Maple Flavor

GIMLI, Manitoba, Nov. 8, 2012 – Crown Royal added another branch to the family tree with the announcement of the brand’s first foray into the rapidly growing flavored whisky category – Crown Royal Maple Finished. Inspired by the heritage and authenticity of the maple tree, Crown Royal Maple Finished begins with the legendary taste of Crown Royal whisky. The liquid then incorporates a touch of natural maple flavor achieved through a proprietary maple toasted oak finishing process for added smoothness.

A unique offering to the expanding whisky category , Crown Royal Maple Finished is made with the perfect balance of whisky and natural maple flavors to create a high quality product for Crown Royal’s consumers. The maple extension is a great fit for those who love the classic taste of Crown Royal DeLuxe, but are seeking interesting new options. As consumers across the country discover this exciting flavored whisky, Crown Royal reminds all adults to please enjoy responsibly.

The new installment is finished by running the whisky through maple toasted oak, resulting in an exceptionally smooth tasting experience that carries a genuine light maple-sweet flavor, followed by a warm, woody caramelized note on the end. Rich colors of amber and topaz blend to create a full-bodied appearance. The 80 proof (40% ABV) whisky’s aroma incorporates the elegant bouquet of light, fresh maple combined with Crown Royal’s signature caramel and vanilla nose.

“Crown Royal is a brand that values innovation and always strives to exceed our consumers’ expectations.” said Yvonne Briese, Vice President of Whiskey, Diageo North America. “We are excited to release new Crown Royal Maple Finished. Authentic to the brand image and Canadian heritage, consumers can be confident that it will deliver Crown Royal’s signature smoothness, steeped in the quality and class that has come to be expected from Crown Royal.”

To fully experience the liquid’s versatile flavor, Crown Royal Maple Finished can be enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks or as the key ingredient in a number of cocktails. Crown Royal Maple Finished will be sold at a suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 750 ml bottle and is currently available nationwide.

Crown Royal Maple Finished’s regal packaging is a slight variation on the classic Crown Royal style, incorporating warm colors of copper and auburn into the label, which displays the traditional image of the maple leaf in the background. The iconic bag that accompanies the bottle flaunts a deep brown color with gold embroidery accents.

The launch of Crown Royal Maple Finished will be supported through a full marketing mix, including television, print and online advertising, as well as public relations, strong digital extensions and point of sale materials.



He’Brew Brewing Night 12/13 @ 7pm Old Eagle Tavern

Hannukah begins December 8th and Santa isn’t coming to town just yet, but that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to celebrate. Old Eagle Tavern celebrates Hannukah with He’Brew Brewing Night.

Thursday, December 13th at 7 pm, The Old Eagle Crew will tap and pour Hop Manna and Jewbelation Sweet 16 from He’Brew, the chosen beer of Schmaltz Brewing Co.  Hop Manna is new for 2012 and is one of the most delicious IPAs bearing floral and citrus-y goodness (and it’s kosher). Jewbelation Sweet 16 is made with 16 malts, 16 hops, and 16 additions. The Chosen Beer of the chosen people will also be available in Origin Pomegranate Ale bottles.

Chef Morgan will be serving potato latkes and other Jewish delights to complement. Dreidels will be spinning all over the bar to add to the fun. The movie The Hebrew Hammer will be screening as well. This featured beer selection won’t last 8 nights, making this event a don’t-miss for readers and beer enthusiasts.



Early Christmas present for Sullivans Cove Whisky

Tasmanian Single Malt Sullivans Cove has been named World Whisky Grand Master by the world’s leading drinks magazine, The Sprits Business.

This latest accolade builds on what has been a record year for the luxury Tasmanian Single Malt, which was named “Southern Hemisphere Whisky of the Year” by Jim Murray and “Australasian Distiller of the Year” at Dominic Roskrow’s Wizards of Whisky earlier this year.

Global appetite for Sullivans Cove has peaked sharply and the boutique distiller has been forced to place stock on allocation to ensure that it does not run out stock before the whisky that it is currently producing is mature for bottling.

Speaking from London, judging panel chair and whisky commentator Neil Ridley said, “…Tasmania’s Sullivans Cove distillery created the biggest surprise of the day with their consistently well produced range of single malts.” Competition judge Shannon McCoy was especially impressed with Sullivans Cove’s offerings, remarking on their unique style compared to other international single malts.

Sullivans Cove’s Chief distiller Patrick Maguire couldn’t have asked for a better result, saying, “This has been an amazing year for us, many years of hard work are finally coming to fruition all at once and its fantastic to see Tasmanian single malt beginning to be recognised around the world.”

Sullivans Cove is available across Australia as well as the USA, France, Holland, Canada, the UK, New Caledonia, Singapore and Dubai.

About Sullivans Cove

Tasmania Distillery produces Sullivans Cove Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky. Sullivans Cove Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky is double distilled using only Tasmanian barley with only the purest wilderness water from local mountains and forests. Matured in hand selected oak casks and allowed to settle and clear naturally, the whiskies retain full, creamy and lingering flavours that are winning fans the world over. Each cask is bottled separately, yielding only around 450 bottles, making each bottle a rare item to own and enjoy.

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