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Happy Father’s Day 2012!

It’s Father’s Day weekend! The most holiest of high holidays. There are only a few hours left to find that perfect gift that says, Thanks Dad! If you need some suggestions here are some tips from the Booze Dancers:

10 Gift Ideas for Dad

  1. Craft Beer — It’s always the right size.
  2. Single Malt Scotch — It never goes out of style
  3. A Happy Place — Get dad his own Brew Cave
  4. A beer bottle bed – If you start drinking now you could make one yourself
  5. Whiskey Barrel Sun Glasses — ’cause they’re cool!
  6. Some brew art – The Venn of Beer
  7. How about a Whiskey Tour of Scotland?
  8. Or an all expense paid trip to next year’s Philly Beer Week?
  9. For the outdoorsy drinker some steel pint glasses
    and finally …..
  10. Just leave Dad alone.  All we want is a little rest and relaxation

But whatever you get to show your Pop that you love him please, under no circumstances, buy him a Randall Jr.. Dad loves his beer the way the brewer intended it. No need to add funky infusions.

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  1. Haha, all alcohol presents and then just “leave dad alone”. I’m not a dad yet, but I can still appreciate all of these things.


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