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Two Days In Manhattan – 2012 Edition

Photo from our 2011 weekend in Manhattan.

Two weeks ago, Mrs. G-LO and I spent the weekend in Manhattan to celebrate a birthday (my 45th) and a wedding anniversary (our 13th). Although this would be our third such trip in three years, we (by “we” I mean Mrs. G-LO) decided to mix things up a bit. In 2010 and 2011 (read about our 2011 trip by clicking here and here), we stayed at a Midtown hotel, and did most of our sightseeing and dining around this very central location. For this year’s trip, “we” decided to stay at a hotel in SoHo. Although this location was not as convenient, it did allow us to explore a few neighborhoods that were new to us, and it enabled me to finally visit a place that I have been meaning to get to for the past couple years, i.e. The Brandy Library in TriBeCa (click here to read a review of this magnificent lounge by our friend The Whisky Woman).

We covered a lot of ground in two days, and managed to make it as far east as Brooklyn and as far north as the Upper East Side. Although I didn’t write anything down throughout our travels, I did have my iPhone, so I took some photos whenever possible, and posted them on Instagram. Below are a few of my favorites that will hopefully give you an idea of what we did during our two days in Manhattan. Hope you enjoy them!

Lunch at Zutto in TriBeCa


The dining room at Zutto.

Pork Belly on Steamed Buns.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

"Daddy? Could you help me take a picture?"

An Anniversary Gift From The Hotel


The Subway

Headed back to the hotel after dinner in the West Village.

Chelsea Market


Views From The Highline

Taking The Subway Uptown

Waiting for the 42nd Street Shuttle

The Frick

An Unsuccessful Attempt To Get a Beer at Blind Tiger in Greenwich Village

Grabbing A Slice And A Beer At Bleecker Street Pizza

Victory Prima Pils and a slice of the Nonna Maria.

Drinks Before Dinner At The Brandy Library

Tom Collins on the left. Sazerac Cocktail on the right.

Brunch At Sarabeth’s Tribeca

Ricotta and Lemon Pancakes with fresh blackberries.

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  1. Great post! Someday we’ll get to NYC, so many cities, too little time.

    Who had the Sazerac? We’ll be leaving for our annual trip to New Orleans in a couple of weeks and always have at least one down there.


    • Thanks Will! I know the feeling. And you forgot the truly critical part… so little money.

      I had the Sazerac. My first. Made with Pernod, Rittenhouse Rye, Peychaud and Angostura bitters. VERY good. Love that hint of licorice that lingers at the end. Have fun in NOLA!


    • We rarely get more than an evening to ourselves, so we try to maximize our time whenever possible. I wish we’d make it up to NYC more often. So many fabulous spots to visit. But I shouldn’t really complain too much. At least I get to go out in Philly every so often.

      And thanks for the kind words. The iPhone and all of those brilliant software gurus make it ridiculously easy to take interesting photos. You should peruse Instagram when you get a chance. There are some seriously talented and creative photo enthusiasts out there!


  2. G-LO!
    This is FANTASTIC!!!! Loving the photo of the Christopher Street subway stop in particular (that’s my station!). I’m flattered you linked your post to mine – thank you.

    So glad you had a great time and took such magnificent photos. Happy Birthday & Anniversary!



    • Thanks WW! Glad you enjoyed the pics. And as far as your Brandy Library assessment goes, how could I not link to it? You described it perfectly! I WILL go back there. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.


    • Thanks SimpleP! Though we did a good bit of walking around, we didn’t cover as much territory as we have in prior years. I think we were a bit more focused this time around.


  3. Fantastic photos. Really makes me want to go back and explore New York as the other times I was there I only focused on central parts and I wasn’t that enamoured. Brandy Library will definitely be on my list!


    • Thanks Gwilty! I can understand not loving MidTown. Very crowded most times for sure. I find that I have to adjust to that level of activity. You also need to know where to go. New York, like most major cities, is loaded with tourist traps. Luckily, Mrs. G-LO likes doing her research and is very good at it. If I were planning it, we wouldn’t make it out of Keen’s, The Brandy Library, or The Blind Tiger. Heh.


  4. Pictures are great – i think the macaroons are great – and I always forget how good the iphone can be for taking decent shots! Glad you enjoyed the new location – I’ve got family in NYC, and it’s very easy to get stuck seeing the same spots – I even managed to show my cousins something new last time!


    • Thanks Dr. Ben! While I prefer using my Nikon DSLR whenever possible, it’s quite a bit cumbersome to carry for extended periods of time (also quite conspicuous!). I too am impressed with the iPhone’s photo capabilities. Although it lacks the detail of a full sized camera, I am impressed by its relative speed and low light performance (since the flash pretty much sucks, I rarely use it).


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