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DRAFT Magazine 2012 Beer Bracket Contest

NCAA Basketball March Madness is upon us and it’s time to fill out your bracket.  It’s also time for March Madness themed promotions and contests, so after you have completed your NCAA Tourney bracket for office pool why not do a beer themed bracket with some cool prizes.

DRAFT Magazine has put together a bracket with top brews going head-to-head letting the masses pick the best brews.  The brewery of the winning brew gets $1,000 for charity and one lucky bracket participant will win a Beer Meister kegerator.

You can find the bracket contest at:

This contest was forwarded to me by the guys at Bear Republic so make sure to vote for their Racer 5 IPA.  It’s a great beer and I am sure the Bear Republic guys will do something awesome if they win the charity money.

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  1. Young man of suburbaning reputes, Racer 5 is a stellar brew but it is an offspring of Bear Republic – scions of Healdsberg, CA, not Russian River. It won’t be long until Santorum’s advance team starts asking questions about your intentions and concludes that you have your sights set on redrawing the map of California. Take it from me, this will prove more difficult than you might now believe. Save yourselves the anguish while you still can. Abandon this Quixotic endeavor before you are beset upon by Wilem Dafoe impersonators of unusual length.

    Just trying to help



    • My bad — Correction made but I was only about 15 miles off (geographically speaking). I had actually coded the link to Bear Republic but typed Russian River. It’s been a long day!!

      I had Russian River on the mind as the wife and I were talking about a visit this summer to family in Windsor, CA that is right up the road from Russian River. Would you like to put in a bottle order now??


  2. In looking at the bracket, I noticed that I have had nearly all of the beers on the list. Now, I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing.


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