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Beer Review – Great Divide Hercules Double IPA

Prior to our evening of spirits and fun at Spirits Confidential Philadelphia, G-LO, Crazy-Eye, and I connected at the Cooperage for a “pre-game” drink.  Given my planned trip to Colorado in the spring I opted for a Great Divide Hercules Double IPA to sample more of what the CO based brewery has to offer.

The brewery’s description on this one read more like a warning label than your typical description.  They say the Hercules “… is not for the faint of heart …” and that it “… delivers a huge amount of hops from start to finish”.  Well these are warnings that are more likely to pull me in than scare me off so let’s dive in.

Brew Stats

  • Appearance:  Clear and pale copper with a white two finger head
  • Aroma:  Hoppy and floral with hint of toasted nuts the reminded me of the smell of the nut and taffy shops from the AC Boardwalk when I a kid.
  • Taste:  BAM!  Hop explosion.   Very piney.  Very floral.  The nuttiness comes through almost like nutty toasted granola.  The finish is astringent with a mouth puckering hop bite.
  • ABV:  10%

If you “kinda like hoppy beers” this beer is kinda going to kick you in the mouth.  If you, like me, are a a hop head you’ll love it.   But take heed of the brewer’s warning, at 10% this one will hit you in the mouth with hops and kick you in the ass with the ABV.  You can tell it’s a high-test brew but this one goes down way too easy so enjoy it responsibly.

Cooperage note:  G-LO had visited the Cooperage before but this was my first time.  It is a gorgeous bar with an industrial “steampunk” feel.  Their whisk(e)y list is impressive and their beer list, for this occasion, was great.  While we only got to stop in for a quick drink I could tell I need to explore the place a little more.  I will definitely be back to try some of those whiskeys and perhaps pick up some interior design ideas for my planned industrial themed basement man cave.

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  1. You’re right, this beer will kick your ass. To me, it’s just like all of the other Great Divide brews: okay to good in the bottle, outstanding on tap. I feel the same way about the Titan IPA.

    You’ll have to stop in at GD’s taproom when you come out here, just get there early in the day since it fills up quickly and is usually standing room only.


    • Will — I am hoping to squeeze in a stop by Great Divide on my way to Beaver Creek/Vail in a few weeks to try some super fresh GD brews on tap. We are only in Denver for a day before we head to BC so we’ll see if it actually stays on the schedule.

      I am digging through your blog for tips for the trip but if there are any must do beer geek stops let me know (family friendly places are preferred since my kiddos will be in tow). Also any tips for stuff in the Avon/Vail area would be awesome.

      Cheers! — The Wookie


      • You should have a great time in Vail, the wife and I love that town! In Denver, the best family friendly craft beer place you should go is the granddaddy of all: Wynkoop. I’ll drop you a line on the email address you registered with to give you more options.


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