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Beer Review – Epic Brewing Imperial Red Ale

Epic Brewing Co - Imperial Red Ale (Release #7)

A few days back I had enough of the workweek and needed the weekend to come early.  With a brew fridge full of bombers that I had picked up while traveling during the week I had all the supplies to start the weekend break a day ahead and sent a Thirsty Thursday Alert to the boys.  G-LO was game for some midweek cheer and joined me in a sampling of Epic Brewing Company’s Imperial Red Ale (this was release #7 of this beer)

This is one of Epic’s Exponential Series.  What Epic calls a ” ….. special line of ales and lagers for the accomplished consumer or the ever-curious.”  Well that description sounds like a perfect fit for the Booze Dancers so here we go:

In Epic’s words this brew is:

A boldly flavored double red ale.  Combining caramel malt for sweetness mixed with nice alcohol and plenty of dry and late kettle hop aromas from three killer America strains create a beer that is tough to compare.

For our review I will dig a little deeper.  This brew was recommended to me by a colleague in NYC so I had high hopes.  G-LO has had some less than stellar experiences with Epic’s brews and had lower expectations.  With two different mindsets from the start I am happy to report that we both liked this beer in the end.

Here are the details:

  • Appearance:  Muddy, thick, with a dark mahogany color.   Unfiltered.
  • Aroma:  The aroma is very balanced with a full spectrum of light touches of hops, malty sweetness, dried fruit, and spices.
  • Taste:  Very viscous mouth-feel, with less hops on the palate than the nose.  Toasty, slightly sweet and creamy with some spicy heat in finish.
  • ABV:  7.9%

Like I wrote earlier I generally liked this beer and I think G-LO would agree.  While this beer didn’t “wow” me like some of the hop bombs that I love so much it did live up to my high expectations.  The beer reminded both G-LO and me of some the darker rye beers we tried in the past maybe with a little less “bite” than the rye beers typically have.

I would not recommend this as a session beer but I do suggest you try it with a rich meal of braised meat and root veggies or maybe with a some dried fruit and aged cheese.  This one would get better with food and complement rich complex meals.

One note of caution, this beer tastes better than it looks.  When I say it is thick and creamy it is really thick, unfiltered, and loaded with spent yeast floaters.  The quote of the night from G-LO on this one was “Damn, look at all the shit in that!”.  So if you can get past the rustic appearance you’ll find a good beer that is worth a try.

Note:  This was release #7 of 10 listed on Epic’s website.  If you have tried this one but another release let us know what you think and if it varied from my description.

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  1. Yo Wookie!

    Nice review. I think you pretty much covered all of my feelings about this beer. It was definitely an oddball. In a very good way!



  2. When the booze signal went up, I was unable to answer the call. Naturally, the cell phone pinging began in earnest and the above photo was shared. Sadly, I was informed that the bomber was gone but that I would have liked it. Well, isn’t that special.

    Nice review of something I would have liked!


    • If those kids of yours actually went to sleep at a normal time and you didn’t care about what shape you were in when you arrived at work the next day you may have been able to join us. MAN UP!


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