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Whisk(e)y Poll: If You Could Attend Any Whisk(e)y Festival In The World, Which Would It Be?

This Friday, October 28th marks our fifth visit to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s Single Malt & Scotch Whisky Extravaganza at the Union League in Philadelphia. While I love this event and look forward to it all year long, I am very curious to see what other whisk(e)y festivals are like, particularly ones that take place where the actual whisky is produced.

Below are six whisk(e)y festivals that have me totally intrigued (the descriptions were taken directly from their websites):

Whisky Live Paris

Whisky Live is the international celebration of whisky, bringing all the whiskies of the world together under one roof. Whisky Live prides itself on bringing together the finest whiskies, great food and a range of education and entertainment to make learning about whisky both fun and stimulating.  Whether you are a whisky enthusiast an uninitiated newcomer or just looking for a day out that offers you something different Whisky Live has something for everyone.


Maltstock is a gathering of whisky enthusiasts. Arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday makes Maltstock an unique weekend of relaxed whisky fun. Many great whiskies to share and plenty of time to enjoy. At Maltstock you will find industry present, surpising masterclasses, plenty of great whisky, a whisky quiz, BBQ, campfire and lots more.

The Spirit of Speyside

The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2009. Held each year during the first long weekend in May, it creates an opportunity for visitors to enjoy a visit to Speyside before the start of the main tourism season. The Festival invites visitors to celebrate Scotland’s national drink through an inventive and wide-ranging programme of whisky-inspired events – some educational, all of them fun.

The Islay Festival of Music and Malt

Since our beginning in 1984 the Islay Festival Association must have greeted literally hundreds of thousands of visitors, and still you find us!!  This year we will be featuring a ‘Food Event’, an outdoor gig, Gaelic lessons, music, songs, ceilidhs, fishing, whisky tasting and much more.

Kentucky Bourbon Festival

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival gives you 6 full days of smooth Bourbon, delicious food, and great entertainment, with a healthy dose of Kentucky hospitality thrown in for good measure.

The Universal Whisky Experience

Sampling a dram of whisky from the world’s most unique, finest premium whiskies from the top-tier brands. Conversing with and learning from whisky aficionados, high-end connoisseurs, and collectors. Dining, shopping, and playing at one of the top resorts in the world’s entertainment playground, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

So here’s the question…

If time and money were no object, what whisk(e)y festival would you most want to attend? Please take a minute to vote. Here’s the poll…

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  1. Such a great post!!! And one of the hardest questions to ask a whisky nerd!!! Chose 1?! Ug. I struggled w/the answer but alas, I made my decision. I would also like to throw in WhiskyLive Japan and WhiskyLuxe India … oh if only I had more time/money…. 🙂

    Love this post. Thanks for compiling my travel wishlist into one place!


    • Anytime WW! I forgot to include the Victoria Whisky Festival which takes place on Vancouver Island. That would be an amazing setting. I’ve actually been there too! The island, not the Whisky Festival.


  2. Since I’ve been to Vegas, Speyside and Kentucky and Paris isn’t tops on my list, I’ll pick Maltstock in the Netherlands. My second pick would be the one in Paris, because Katherine does want to go and she could see the Louvre by herself right?


    • Maltstock looks awesome. You should listen to the WhiskyCast Virtual Tasting #2 that features the founders of MaltStock. Very entertaining! It was recorded during WhiskyLive Paris.


  3. None of the above … would go with a “Big Jim Visit” at LimpD’s instead. Whisky, friends, and good conversation without pretentious tasting notes. That’s my kind of Whisky Festival!!!


  4. We’ll be heading to the Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival next month. Booze is wonderful not matter where you are, but a beautiful locale sure doesn’t hurt.


  5. Feis Ile is great fun. Looking forward to the Speyside Festival and Springbank Open day next year too. I missed ‘Best of the West’ this year but that looked fun. It would be interesting to go to other whisky-producing areas to see their festivals (Kentucky sounds good!), though I’m not sure I’d bother going to the Netherlands for a whisky festival – I know they have Zuidam tucked away somewhere, but it really doesn’t interest me. Might just be that crazy Dutch girl I dated at university putting me off, right enough…


    • Wow! You guys sure do get around. It all sounds like great fun.

      I’m quite intrigued by Maltstock actually. Have read a few reviews of the event and it just seems like such a laid back good time.


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