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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.  And to all the Moms and kids, here are some last minute gift ideas

Gifts for Dad:

  1. Craft Beer — It’s always the right size.
  2. Single Malt Scotch — It never goes out of style
  3. A personal brewery — fresh brew is good brew
  4. A Universal Remote & Bottle Opener — for couch potato Dads
  5. A T-shirt from Dad’s “Happy Place”
  6. Plan a trip along the Bourbon Trail
  7. Cheese makes me happy — Try Cherry Grove Farm in NJ
  8. Send Dad on Vacation — G-lo liked his cruise , I prefer St John
  9. Get Dad a practical “Beer Belly
    and finally
  10. Peace & Quiet — give Dad a break, let him kick back and relax

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  1. Hey Guys. I went for item #1 and got my dad a 48 Latitude Deconstruction 12-pack for father’s day! And the hubster bought himself one too on behalf of our two canine kids. We had friends over last night, so we deconstructed and of course, we printed out your place mats. Great job on those, wouldn’t have been half as much fun without them. Have a wonderful Father’s Day! Cheers beers!


      • Fun experiment, very enlightening as to just how much hops can impact the aroma, flavor, and character of beer. i confess, I was drinking beer margaritas as I tasted, so my opinions may be tainted, but here’s my high level review: The Hallertau was a clear favorite. Fruity, floral, complex, really good. The original Lat 48 was second, just a darn good IPA. Zeus was my third favorite, good flavor and complexity, but a little drier and not as fruity as I’d like. Simcoe was my next favorite, then Ahtanum. Both good, but not memorable. East Kent was last – very flat, just straight hops and no complexity.


        • It definitely lives up to it’s billing as “beer school in a box”. I very fun brew tasting experience.


        • Beer Margaritas??? Tell us more…

          Glad to hear you enjoyed the Lat 48! It was definitely great fun and an excellent learning experience.


    • Perhaps something from Fat Cat Brewery in British Columbia or a 4 pack of Bengali Tiger from Six Point in NY?


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