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Scotch: A Pronunciation Guide With Brian Cox

With the help of esteemed Scottish actor Brian Cox (the first man to play Hannibal Lecktor), our friends at Esquire have put together a series of videos that help guide us through the perplexing world that is Single Malt Scotch pronunciation. My sincerest apologies for not being able to post the videos directly on our blog. Apparently, Esquire is actually trying to make money on this world wide web thing and won’t let me post the videos without the advertisements. Click here to see the videos on

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  1. for each 4 second clip of cox, there’s a 10-15 second advertisement!!

    I understand they have to make money somehow but this is nothing but irritating!!


    • Pratyk,

      I agree. The advertisements, or at least how they chose to incorporate them into the videos, are very annoying. I’m hoping that someone with much better computer skills than I can extract the videos and put together a montage. I’m sure someone is working on this as I type. The videos themselves are highly entertaining, and Mr. Cox’s facial expressions are priceless.

      Thanks for stopping by!



      • The commercials suck and add in the fact that they are advertisements for things like Subway and the suck even more. When I think fine Whisky I don’t “MMMmmm if I only had a Subway B.M.T. to go with it.” Fortunately you can click past the ads by selecting the videos on the page right when the ad starts.


    • No worries THF! We scour the internet so you won’t have to.

      Brian Cox is great, but Sean Connery in his prime would have been even better!


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