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Countdown To Philly Beer Week 2011!

Philly Beer Week’s 2011 Opening Tap, which will be held at the Independence Visitor Center and kicks off the 10 day event that is Philly Beer Week, is just two short months away!

During last year’s event, Limpd, The Wookie, The Alemonger, and I wandered around Center City and took advantage of as many brewery sponsored events as possible. This year, we hope to spend at least two days at the event.

Two days of bar hopping in one of America’s greatest beer-drinking cities! What’s not to love about that? We hope to see you there!


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  1. “wandered around….”? I prefer to characterize our research session as more of a focused wandering with a targeted approach. As I recall, we met all of our objectives for the day (but for the unfortunate “issue” confronting me regarding the attempted pretzel dog acquisition).

    Looking forward to adding to my collection of tap handles this year!


  2. Can’t wait! I have begun a monastic style training program in preparation. It consists of heavy beer drinking, meditation, and celibacy. (Actually the no sex thing wasn’t part of the plan but the wife is pissed at me right now and I have chosen to use the negative energy for good).


    • I would be careful if I were you. Your lovely wife is quite capable with a shovel (remember the shrub incident from a few summers ago?), and I’m sure that she already has a grave for you in mind. I suggest that you two kiss and make up, and that you do it tout de suite!


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