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The Search for New Whisky

G-LO was kind enough to share his copy of 101 Whiskies to Try before Your Die during one of our research sessions. While we each compiled our list of whiskies that we had already sampled we zeroed in on a couple (Amrut Fusion and the Mackmyra) that would be hard to get. Never one to decline a research opportunity, I have taken it upon myself to acquire a bottle of each. The Amrut shouldn’t be as hard as it seems since I have a colleague who owes me a favor and makes frequent trips to India, So, I am fairly certain that I will have a bottle of Amrut Fusion by the middle of spring.

The Mackmyra is a little harder to come by as it is not yet distributed in the U.S. I did find a site in Canada (Gold Medal Marketing) that was incredibly responsive (kudos to Andy Dunn) and forwarded my email on to Mackmyra. I would have thought that the request died there but four days later a Jonathan Luks, a representative of Mackmyra emailed to report that they are working on a launch in NYC during the spring and that based on that success Mackmyra will be able to send bottles to other locales within the U.S. So, now I can wait and have one of my brothers (who just so happens to live in NY) pick up a bottle in the off chance the launch goes as scheduled or find my way to a country that imports Mackmyra. Well, while I will enlist the aid of my brother who is a little bit of Fredo, I have sought another avenue as well. As luck would have it, another colleague just happens to have a sister who married a Norwegian and Mackmyra is imported to Norway. So my spring will be quite busy as I work various global routes and see whether I can obtain either of these whisky gems.

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  1. Good luck! It sounds like you’ve got a decent project to keep you busy through the next few weeks, or at least until spring seasonal beers arrive.


        • Of course you will! If I’m gonna be on the wive’s s$#% list, I may as well make it worthwhile. I am not just “The Dumpster”, I am also “The Enabler”. I look forward to hearing her response.


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