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Restaurant Review – La Esperanza

For our anniversary, my wife picked a Mexican restaurant that we had been planning to go to for some time, La Esperanza. The restaurant is rather unassuming from the outside with a decent sized deck if you enjoy outdoor dining and the interior is a series of small rooms surrounded by a large bar. The hostess quickly led us to our table and the wait staff was quick and attentive. With a Negro Modelo for me and Margarita for her, we waited for our appetizers, beef and potato empanadas and fresh made guacamole and looked over the extensive menu of what appeared to be authentic Mexican entrees. Usually my wife orders a chimichanga or an enchilada but the server suggested that she try Fat Alex’s Burrito, a massive tortilla filled with steak, rice, beans and cheese. I opted for the Bistec Ranchero, a steak served on a grilled cactus leaf.

The empanadas were good and the guacamole was outstanding. And, our entrees did not disappoint either. My wife dove into her burrito but despite her efforts did not seem to make much of a dent. I on the other hand devoured my steak. I even ate the cactus leaf despite the fact that it was obviously some sort of leafy green vegetable in disguise. Sadly, Fat Alex’s burrito was so big someone was full and “we” were left without the opportunity for dessert. Well, there is always next time.

La Esperanza
40 East Gibbsboro Road
Lindenwold, NJ 08021
Phone: 856-782-7114

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