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Restaurant Review – East Side Inn

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Recently, we loaded the children into the car and headed to the Poconos for a short vacation. While looking for a place for dinner, we bumbled along until we entered White Haven, PA. As it was not quite ski season, the area was a bit of a ghost town at mid-week and was short on dining options. While not exactly a “family” establishment, we found no better choices and went to the East Side Inn . The restaurant was really half bar/half diner with a great local flavor. I would imagine in-season the place would be packed. But on this particular Wednesday, there were three drinkers at the bar and maybe two tables of diners. So, we had the undivided attention of the hostess/server. The menus were delivered, the Yuengling poured and within a matter of minutes our orders were taken, plated and placed on the table. While most of the food was typical pub grub, (not bad, not great), the spaghetti & meatball special was, in the words of our six-year-old, the best spaghetti & meatballs that he had ever had out. Overall, the dining experience was okay and if you happen to be near I-80 and the Northeast extension and are looking for a little local flair, the East Side Inn might be just what you are looking for.

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  1. Your boy has quite the discriminating palate! And he’s a politician… smart enough to know that Mommy’s meatballs are still the best he will ever have. I am still waiting for his Five Guys Texas Tommy review. Should be a humdinger! 🙂


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