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Whisky Review – Pebble Beach 12

Most spouses would be alarmed by drinking, smoking or an unusual propensity for meat but not my wife. For Christmas this year, my lovely wife and children presented me with the greatest gift trifecta … single malt whisky, cigars and a can of haggis. The cigars are not so much a habit but enjoyable hobby while I am outdoors. The can of haggis is somewhat alarming but I suspect I will at least taste it at some point. The single malt, now that is heart of the gift.

Always one to try something new, my wife knew that I would be happy with whatever bottle was gifted (as long as there was little or no peat involved) so she let my daughter select the bottle and even at nine years old, she chose a good one … the Pebble Beach. I had looked this bottle over several times in my various sojourns to the area liquor stores and had been reluctant to purchase it as there did not seem to be a great deal of material about the distiller or the brand. I like to see that the distiller has more than one product available and if possible some additional branding information since I am more of a visual shopper. It has been suggested by the rest of the group that I tend to buy things that are shiny or are in a fancy package. While I cannot deny that this would appear to be true, this hasn’t meant that a purchase has not been welcomed at the table or met its end at the bottom of the recycle bucket. In any event, I was quite pleased to receive as a gift, the simple green and white box.

The Pebble Beach, a 12-year-old Speyside, comes from Lombard Scotch Whisky, an award-winning, family owned company specializing in aged and rare single malts. Under an exclusive agreement with the Pebble Beach Company, this whisky has been matured in American white as a second fill bourbon oak cask. Thus, in the nose, there are hints of vanilla and toasted coconut as well as a floral array. The taste is soft and sweet with a hint of fruit and caramel. With water, the floral notes become a little stronger as the alcohol is diluted and the additional flavors of melon and grass become more prominent. The whisky has a good mouth feel and an outstanding finish. I found the Pebble Beach to be a very flavorful and very palatable whisky and would recommend it to anyone wanting to broaden their appreciation for Scotland in general and Speyside in particular.

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  1. We are all pretty sure your wife and daughter are trying to kill you but are pleased to join you on the journey. This is a fine Whisky, very mild and well balanced. I will be happy to help you send this one to it’s final resting place at the bottom of the big blue recycle bin.

    Slàinte Mhath


  2. By the time I got around to tasting this one on New Year’s Eve, my palate and memory were pretty much shot. I’ll blame it on the cured meats and cheeses since there is no way that it could have been the beer and whisky that did me in. I do remember trying this, and though those memories are faint, they are most definitely pleasant. Let me know when I can have a second crack at this one.


  3. WARNING — This Whisky does have an unfortunate side effect. It caused both LimpD and the ROK to sing Falsetto Karaoke to Lego Rock Bank …. be afraid, be very afraid!


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