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Beer Review – Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale

Last night, The Wookie and I gathered at Limpd’s house for a long overdue post-Christmas drinking session (The ROK was MIA). I walked over with a backpack which contained a big bottle of Christmas Ale, a bottle of Rye whiskey, a bottle of Single Malt Scotch, and a zip-lock bag full of Mrs. Wookie’s homemade toffee/chocolate/walnut bars (they are devilishly delicious!).

My first beer of the night would be a Shoals Pale Ale, which was part of Limpd’s Smuttynose Variety 12-pack. Shoals Pale Ale is one of Smuttynose’s year round beers and has an ABV of 5.4%.

  • Appearance: Reddish brown color. Cloudy. Very little head which dissipates rapidly and leaves some lacing as you drink it down.
  • Aroma: Sweet malt. Hints of caramel. Mild hoppiness.
  • Taste: Moderate carbonation. Malt sweetness at first, followed by very mild hop bitterness.

The Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale is a well balanced beer. Unlike other Pale Ales (i.e. Sierra Nevada and Oskar Blues which I enjoy very much), the hops have been toned down, which makes this a very session worthy ale. Having two or three of these in a row would not be a problem. I give it a B+. Once again, well done Smuttynose!

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  1. They do make some fine beers. My favorite everyday beers that they make are their IPA and the Old Brown Dog Ale. They also have a big bottle series, but they seem hard to ahold of down here.


  2. Road trip! I think it’s time to head to Portsmouth! Everything Smutty makes is great. As good as they taste from the bottle they are even better on draft in Portsmouth at the Blue Mermaid Island Grill ( with their signature Blue Mermaid Salad or at the River House ( with a big bowl of Seafood Chowder on a crisp fall day.

    There are outlet malls just over the border in Maine so we can take the wives and they will have something to do while we tour both the Smutty Nose and Portsmouth Breweries …. When do you want to leave???


    • Road trip… to the beer mobile!

      And what’s this talk of bringing the wives? And letting them shop??? You need to cut back on the booze. You’re getting soft. 😉


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