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What Do You Want For Christmas?

Over the past few years, my family has simplified the gift giving process. Instead of having to buy something for everyone, we now do a Pollyanna (aka Secret Santa for those of you that aren’t from the PA/NJ area) amongst the adults. There are a few rules: (1) you’re not allowed to pick your spouse, (2) the budget is $100, and (3) you must list a few items that you want. My lists are always very specific and include items from the following categories: books, booze, music, or movies. Here are some of the items that made my Christmas wish list…

Books and Music


So what’s on your Christmas wish list?

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  1. And for your New Year’s resolution you might want to consider a 12 step program …. we can carpool!

    For the record my Christmas list includes:

    – Eagle Rare 17
    – Murray McDavid 13 Year Old Hampden Jamaica Rum
    – Whistle Pig Straight Rye Whiskey

    Misc Goods
    – Chewbacca Costume Shirt
    – Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons
    – “Old Man Drinks” by Robert Schnakenberg
    – “St. John Feet, Fins and Four Wheel Drive” by Pam Gaffin

    If I get any Laphroaig I’ll send that liquid smoke over to your house, it’s not anywhere near my list.


    • Re: the 12 step program, is there one near the Pourhouse?

      Do you have any empty maple syrup bottles lying about? Since Eagle Rare 17 is on both of our lists, perhaps we can split a bottle should either of us happen to get it. Or perhaps a whisky exchange program?

      Who is this Mumford & Sons? It made Mrs. G-LO’s list as well. Should only one of us get it, may I suggest a music exchange program?

      Yes… I proposed not one, but two exchange programs. All in the “spirit” of collaboration and cutting costs!


      • While I will surely share a taste any Eagle Rare 17 that Santa delivers to my stocking I don’t think I would be willing to part with half a bottle …. Daddy likes his Eagle Rare! You can have all the Lagavulin in liquor cabinet and any other smokey Islays you choose to liberate. Like LimpD, I am not a fan of the smokey Whisky.

        As for the music, the Wookie adheres to all copyright laws so as not to draw the ire of the RIAA. I also have a bridge in Brooklyn I am trying to sell!


  2. I hadn’t heard of the “101 Whiskies” book before your post…but now I think I want the book. I hope it comes with a checklist!


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