Food Review

Food Review – QT Vietnamese Sandwich, Philly Chinatown

About 100 feet from the Chinese “Friendship Arch” at 10th and Arch Streets in Philadelphia’s Chinatown is a tiny “hole in the wall” Vietnamese takeout shop called QT Vietnamese Sandwich. Banh Mi, or the Vietnamese Hoagie as it is in known in Philly, is their specialty, and they currently have 9 different versions to choose from. Here is there latest menu:

I ordered the #7 Sandwich. Here’s what half a Banh Mi looks like (I ate the other half before I photographed it. What can I say, I was hungry!):

I’ve been to QT Sandwiches on at least 5 occasions, and I have never been disappointed. Today’s sandwich featured grilled pork, fresh cilantro, pickled carrot, cucumber, sliced jalapeno peppers, and mayo on a crisp baguette. Banh Mi is all about the flavor and texture contrasts. The crisp roll, tender meat filling, crunchy cucumber and carrot, fresh and vibrant cilantro, and spicy jalapeno all come together to create a unique culinary experience which is tough to beat when you consider that it all costs just $5 (and it’s infinitely more interesting than a Subway $5 Foot Long). For a beverage pairing, I would recommend going with a Victory Prima Pils or something else along those lines. I give QT Vietnamese Sandwich a B+.

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