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Beer Review – Wells Bombardier

On Monday, I was forced (?) to go to G-Lo’s house to retrieve several Bakugans that were left behind by my 6 yr old. Having been raised properly, I did not show up empty-handed. I presented G-Lo with a bottle of Wells Bombardier (ABV of 5.2% As with the Samuel Smith, the Victorian pint comes in handy for sharing. This beer was new to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the color and heft of the brew. A clear, maple colored drink with well balance of the malt and the hops, if forced to assign a letter grade, I would give this an A-. Drinking on a Monday … I guess this could be a good start to the week.

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  1. I had the good fortune of picking up another bottle of the Bombardier as a kick off to the weekend. This bottle was even better than I remembered.


  2. Wells & Young launched an advertising barrage (and a rather witty one at that) to support Bombardier in the UK about this time last year. I have two Bombardier T-shirts courtesy of their various competitions and promotions!


    • There is nothing like good swag. Sadly, the t-shirts I am offered most often wouldn’t provide quite enough coverage. Perhaps, one too many quality beers.


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