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Beer Review – Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

A Shandy (or Shandygaff) is a beverage that consists of beer or ale mixed with ginger ale, ginger beer, or lemonade. The German version of this beverage is called a Radler. I first tried this drink two summers ago, and I made my own version using Pilsner Urquell and Newman’s Own Lemonade. It turned out to be a very refreshing drink and  I could have definitely used one this afternoon.

Last night, LimpD and I sampled several beers, one of which was Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. He first had this beer in Chicago and was mocked by the bartender for ordering it.  I informed The Wookie of last night’s beer selections via text and was given the following response:

“Summer Shandy? Did you girls do each other’s nails and talk about boys too? Beer should taste like hops, not fruit (exception – lime in a Corona by the beach)”

I get the sense that the Shandy is a much maligned beer cocktail. When it’s done right, it’s really good. Unfortunately, the Leinenkugel’s version leaves alot to be desired. It has a very strong citrus aroma, i.e. Lemon Pledge or Limoncello (I think we both mentioned Murphy’s Oil Soap at one point), and the color is a cloudy yellow. Luckily, it tastes marginally better than it smells, so I was able to finish my glass. I will give this beer a C- overall. Not horrible, but also not something I look forward to drinking again anytime soon. My next Shandy experiment will involve an IPA and a San Pellegrino Limonata. Stay tuned for the results…

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