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My, that’s a fine vicuna!

As a part of my physical therapy, I took a test run into town via PATCO on Tuesday with the Butcher and the Ale monger. Oh, and it was conveniently during Beer Week and we had an app for that. After a brief repast at the Down Home Diner (scrapple…good, poached eggs…good, baked apples …huh?) to lay a good base, we went in search of a dead guy.

Things I learned while on the search.

Opening up a bar (Finn McCools) is a lot less cool than closing one.

It takes just as long to unload and tap a Rogue Dead Guy Ale as it takes to down a Franziskaner Weissbier.

Both beers come in cool glasses.

Drinking at 11 AM on a Tuesday is pretty good.

An acceptable opening line for a coat check girl is not “My, what a fine vicuna”.

A vicuna is not like a deer and can be shorn once every three years.

There might be job as a vicuna shearing enforcement officer.

If there were vicuna in Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter would have a sixth deputy mayor in charge of vicuna relations and 10% of all vicuna jobs would be set-aside for Republicans.

With the dead guy down, we wandered off to find the second biggest beer from Golden, Co. (Avery).

Some more things I learned.

It must have been very hard to get a fire truck in and out of Ladder 15 what with all the tables and the long bar.

The Avery representative does not think it is funny to refer to his beer as just like Coors.

If the cook looks like he may have just been released from a state-run mental facility, he should probably stay in the kitchen.

A busted Avery tap makes a good souvenir.

Pretzel dogs come with cheese. Just because pretzel dogs come with cheese, the pretzel company is not anti-Semitic.

As my last stop, (and stop 3 of 10(?) for the Butcher and the Ale Monger), we made our way to Monk’s for a sample of Breury’s finest.

Final thoughts.

Mischief is a fine beer.

More time = more beer = more swag.

The sun seems awfully bright after three bars and four beers.

Leaving early during Beer Week feels a bit like quitting.

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  1. There is no shame in leaving early when you have a good pinch hitter coming into the game to keep the beer flowing:

    After the Limp D. left the Butcher and the Monger the Beer Signal went up and a rolled into Philly straight from my morning of whisky shopping in Manhattan.

    We connected at Good Dog for a pint of Dark Horse Special Reserve Black Ale and Ballast Point Sculpin (flowing from the furkin). The deep fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls rounded out the sensory overload.

    From Good Dog we headed Varga Bar to score some Weyerbacher Merry Monks and Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold. The brew was accompanied with soft pretzels, pulled pork sliders, and a cheese plate. YUM!

    After Varga I left the boys with swag in hand hopeful another pinch hitter would take my bar stool and keep the fun going. Of all the beers served up during my two at bats during this beer week excursion the Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold was by far my favorite. It is one of the best balanced brews I have had in a while. It is floral, crisp, and I want some more (but I am partial to Blondes from Ohio).



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